Practice Like Joe Manganiello: Training For Chest And Back


The star of the series “True Blood” Joe Manganiello is one of the best city Hollywood actors, and he reveals his exercises for such a perfect body.

Practice Like Joe Manganiello

Dynamic heating
These three exercises do them with little rest in between until you finished. Do not overdo it with the effort to exercise properly.
15 repetitions

From 4 to 10 repetitions

From 12 to 15 repetitions

Rest 1 minute and repeat all three exercises even tripled. Try not to reduce the weight.

As with heating, do these exercises one after another with little rest.
15 repetitions

Rest 1 minute and then repeat the exercise 3 more times. Try not to decrease, but to increase the weight.

12 repetitions

10 repetitions
After the workout, advance to the cardio workout with low intensity. It can be jogging or fast walking, but you have 20 minutes to keep the same pace.



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