How Fast Can You Build Muscle Mass?


Is it possible to gain 3 kilos of muscle in a month?

Personally I have trained many people and I have noticed that the muscle gains of all of them are not always the same, so follow the same training and nutrition plan.

How can this be possible?

There are 5 factors that affect how fast you can build muscle:

How Fast Can You Build Muscle Mass?

1. Years of training
The years of training is the time you’ve been lifting weights. If you are a beginner, you will be able to gain muscle faster than a person who has been lifting weights for more than 5 years.

2. Hormones
The amount of testosterone and other hormones in our body can vary by:
(1) Your muscle training does not help you get a complete testosterone response (ex, you do not lift heavy enough)
(2) Your body simply does not produce as much testosterone … which brings me to the next factor.

3. Genetics
Genetics in bodybuilding is everything. Some men are naturally inclined to build more muscle than others because of factors such as hormone balance, joint thickness and measures, while others have trouble building muscle no matter how hard they try. Most people, by definition (approximately 68%) have acceptable genetics. Only 0.5% of the population has genetics of a Mr. Olympia and 5% of the population to be a professional bodybuilder.

4. Muscle Memory
If for example you weigh 80 kilos and then you decide to train for a marathon, you may lose 1 or 3 kilos of muscle mass. How long will it take to recover these 1-3 kilos of muscle?
Answer: Maybe only 1-2 months because your body has a mechanism to restore previous homeostasis, which is often referred to as “muscle memory”.

5. Supplements and Steroids
Steroids or other potentially damaging substances improve performance so they can help you build muscle much faster. The problem with steroids is that if you stop taking them you lose the gains you’ve gained since you started using them, since the body is naturally unable to maintain that muscle mass with the testosterone we produce. The same goes for the strength and muscle volume you get with creatine , if you stop taking it you will lose those benefits in 1-3 months.

Anyone who tells you that you can maintain muscle gains after a steroid cycle, you’re lying…


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